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General Information

Welcome to Linksmith! We're really excited 😃 that you're checking us out.

Linksmith is a simple tool for creating a super-good-looking presence online.

Clearly there's tons of tools out there for creating websites, but most are complicated or require some training or 3rd party developer.

On the other hand, if you're a professional, a small business owner, a creative, a consultant, a service-provider, an Airbnb-owner, a restaurant/bar-owner, you do not want your presence online to be a single link to Instagram. Or worse, a Facebook page 🫢!

👏 And that's where Linksmith comes in.

With Linksmith you can create a page with Text, Links, Maps, Images, Animations, Videos, Special Effects and much more, with simple clicks-of-a-button. And that's it – you're done. We handle all the techy stuff: hosting your content online, optimizing it for different devices, delivering it lightning-fast to anyone around the world.

We can even handle emails and subscriber-email lists. 

We developed Linksmith to be as simple and easy to use as possible. In fact, our first test-user was my own Mum. Seriously.

Get Started

To get started with Linksmith, just sign up here: https://linksmith.com/signup.

If you've already signed up, just log in and head over to your homepage to get cracking.

Or if you need some more help getting set up, head on to the Getting Started help page.